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Stormy Daniels

Stephanie Gregory Clifford better known by her stage name Stormy Daniels. She is an American adult film actress director and writer. She was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana on March 17 1979. In 2018 she became well known owing to her rumored relationship with Donald Trump the former US president.

Stormy Daniels biography/wiki

Real NameStephanie Gregory Clifford
Date of Birth17 March 1979
Age in 2023(Approx)44 Years
Zodiac signLibra
Birth PlaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Education QualificationGraduated from Scotlandville Magnet High School in Baton Rouge
Profession(s)Adult Film Actress, Director, Writer

Stormy Daniels was born and raised in Baton Rouge Stormy Daniels began working in the adult entertainment sector in the early 2000s. After joining the adult film industry she rose to fame as an actor and starred in a number of adult productions. Along with directing multiple pornographic films she was honored with industry accolades for her efforts.

In 2018 Stormy Daniels was drawn into a political and legal dispute around her purported 2006 affair with Trump. Daniels stated that in 2016 right before the election she had a sexual encounter with Trump and signed a nondisclosure agreement. Significant media attention was given to the scandal which resulted in legal disputes between Stormy Daniels and Trump.

Alleging that the nondisclosure agreement was void Stormy Daniels sued Trump in an attempt to enforce it. Trump and his legal team countersued for slander in exchange.

In July 2018 Stormy Daniels was briefly placed under arrest in Ohio for allegedly touching customers at a strip club in violation of a state law. She was later freed once the accusations were withdrawn.

Stormy Daniels published her autobiography “Full Disclosure” in 2018. In it she discussed her life professional background and the incidents pertaining to her purported engagement with Donald Trump.

Stormy Daniels childhood

The birthdate of Stormy Daniels is March 17 1979. Sheila Gregory and Bill Gregory are her parents. Three years after her birth her parents separated and her mother raised her alone.

Daniels was from a typical low income family that occasionally went days without power. She believed that she was from an extremely poor neighborhood.

Daniels is a white person with American nationality. She is of mixed Irish and Indian descent. It is a Republican party. She even intended to challenge Senator David Vitter in the Louisiana Senate race of 2010.

birthdate of Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels real name

Stephanie Gregory Clifford is an American adult film actress director and writer better known by her stage name Stormy Daniels.

Stephanie Clifford movies

The Witches of Breastwick Stormy Daniels debut adult film was one of her early noteworthy productions. It debuted in 2005. Stormy Daniels plays the protagonist in this fantasy themed pornographic film which was directed by Jim Wynorski. The film explores a supernatural concept in an adult setting combining aspects of fantasy and erotica as the title suggests. Daniels growing prominence in the adult entertainment industry can be attributed in part to her performance in this movie.

Stormy Daniels has acted in a number of pornographic films throughout the years demonstrating her flexibility as a director and actress. Her other noteworthy roles include the multiple award winning Operation Desert Stormy 2007 and the mainstream part she had alongside Leelee Sobieski in Finding Bliss 2009.

Does Stormy Daniels have kids

Daniels is a single mother. Seven years ago she and her spouse welcomed their lone child into the world.

Daniels had been undecided about having children but her feelings about it were altered when she fell in love with Crain. The Daily Beast claims that’s because she met the right guy. She and Crain were in love and made the decision to start a family together even though she knew it wouldn’t be simple.

Because I am not like most moms I had to work extremely hard and make a lot of preparations before having a baby. I am unable to work when expecting. In one year I completed two years of work.

Stephanie Clifford age and date of birth

Stephanie Clifford is 44 years old as she was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on March 17 1979.

Stormy Daniels education

After graduating from Baton Rouge Scotlandville Magnet High School in 1997 she gave journalism some thought.

Daniels claimed to have come from a really bad neighborhood and that she came from an average lower income household. There were days without electricity. Daniels worked as a phone operator at a riding stable during her high school years.

Stormy Daniels weight & height

Height (Approx)In centimeters – 170 cmIn meters – 1.7 mIn feet & Inches – 5.”7″
Wight (Approx)In Kilograms- 50 kgIn Pounds- 110 lbs
Eye ColourTurquoise
Hair ColourBlond

5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm in height 55 kg or 121 lbs. in weight.

Stormy Daniels family and parents

Marital StatusMarries
Husband Name (Present)Barrett Blade
FatherBill Gregory
MotherSheila Gregory

Her parents separated when she was four years old. At seventeen she started working as a stripper. She went on to become a porn actress after that. She has acted in other films over the years such as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up.

Daniels is married to Glendon Crain the two of them have a single daughter. Daniels and her parents do not get along.

Sheila Gregory Daniel mother is not close to her daughter. According to Gregory who talked with the Dallas News earlier this month the two haven’t communicated in 12 years. Gregory claimed that Daniels never told her about the purported relationship and that the two broke up around the same time Daniels claims to have had an affair with Trump.

It truly hurts me. I can not believe that is the same sweet child—you took such good care of her is a common comment made by my friends. How do you think I feel I ask. Gregory said to the publication.

Daniels was raised by Gregory alone. She made just enough money managing a trucking firm to get by. Gregory was still able to send Daniels to ballet classes and horseback riding lessons the Dallas News reported.

Stormy Daniels family and parents

Gregory is unaware of the reason for Daniel breakup with her. She does, however know that she thinks highly of President Trump and wants him to stay in office for a very long time.

Stormy Daniel Spouse (husband)

Daniels and Pat Myne were wed. From 2007 to 2009 she was wed to Michael Mike Moz Mosny. She was taken into custody in July 2009 on suspicion of domestic abuse, according to Mosny. She wed Brendon Miller in 2015 and the two of them have a daughter. In July of 2018 Daniels filed for divorce. She wed the porn star Barrett Blade in 2022.

Daniels has always loved horses she has six of her own and has won numerous blue ribbons in equestrian competitions. Daniels came out as bisexual in 2019.

Stormy Daniels profession and career

Stormy Daniels Rise in the Adult Film Industry

Stormy Daniels who was born on March 17 1979 became well known in the adult film industry right away. Her career took off in the millennial year of 2000 and by the middle of the decade it was thriving.

The stage name Stormy Daniels is a combination of the popular American whiskey brand Jack Daniels and the name of Nikki Six daughter from Mötley Crüe. Her captivating personality did not go unnoticed, drawing the interest of significant adult film studios and launching her successful career.

Important Parts and Well Received Works

One of Daniels first well known parts came from the 2002 movie Heat in which she portrayed the lead role for Wicked Pictures a renowned production firm that specialized in high end well made pornographic films. Her career reached a major turning point with this movie which demonstrated her ability to be a top actor in the business.

Stormy Daniels signed an exclusive contract with Wicked Pictures in 2002 after demonstrating proficiency and commanding a powerful on screen presence. Having devoted her career to the studio she acted in over 50 movies for them gaining considerable recognition and growing her fan following.

Praise and Appreciation

For her talents and contributions to the industry Stormy Daniels was honored. She received numerous honors such as the 2007 AVN Award for Female Performer of the Year and the 2004 AVN Award Adult Video News for Best New Starlet.

Daniels developed her skill set beyond acting to include directing. With the movie One Night in Vegas she made her directing debut in 2004. Because of the great acclaim for her directing work she was elected into the AVN Hall of Fame in 2016 to honor her career.

Stormy Daniels Career

Contribution to the Film Industry for Adults

Throughout her nearly two decade career Stormy Daniels a well known personality in the adult film industry made a huge impact on the industry. She stands out in the market thanks to her professionalism and great dedication to producing high quality material. Her acting directing and writing endeavors were instrumental in elevating the standard in the adult film industry.

Daniels transition from performer to director was a pivotal moment in her career that allowed her to challenge the deeply ingrained status quo in the field. Daniels challenged gender norms in a field where women directors were traditionally underrepresented by virtue of her impactful directing endeavors.

Stormy Daniels Career Transition from Actress to Director an Important Milestone

Stormy Daniels whose real name is Stephanie Gregory Clifford rose to prominence in the adult film industry thanks to her charisma and unquestionable talent. Her onscreen persona not only brought her great recognition but her move into directing also represented a turning point in her career. It had a big impact on how she formed her professional identity in the industry and defined her career.

Unknown things about Stormy Daniels

1. Stormy Daniels is a multiple industry award winner and an inductee of the AVN XRCO and Night Moves Halls of Fame.

2. In 2018 Daniels and US President Donald Trump got embroiled in a court battle.

3. After graduating from Baton Rouge Scotlandville Magnet High School in 1997 Stormy Daniels thought about pursuing a career in journalism.

4. Stormy Daniels started earning money by stripping at the Gold Club in Baton Rouge. In September 2000 she was signed as a featured performer by Continental Theatrical Agency.

5. Inspired by her admiration of the American rock band Motley Crue—whose bassist, Nikki Sixx named his daughter Storm—Stormy Daniels selected Stormy Daniels as her stage name.

6. Stormy Daniels was taken aback when she received the 2004 Adult Video News Best New Starlet Award as she had wagered $500 on Jesse Jane victory with another actress.

Stormy Daniels Career

7. Stormy Daniels has shared the stage with artists including Brendon Miller who edited over half of her films Randy Spears and Julian.

8. On January 18 2014 Stormy Daniels was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame. On April 16 2014 she was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame.

9. Stormy Daniels Make America Horny Again tour included a 2018 strip club tour.

10. On May 23 2018 Stormy Daniels celebrated Stormy Daniels Day by receiving the key to the city of West Hollywood California.

11. Stormy Daniels made an appearance as a pole dancer in the music video for Maroon 5 song Wake Up Call later in 2007.

12. Stormy Daniels makes an appearance as a lap dancer in the movie Knocked Up.

13. On May 5 2018 Stormy Daniels made an appearance as herself on Saturday Night Live.

14. Stormy Daniels portrayed the Virgin Mary in artist Nika Nesgoda 2002 photo series Virgin as a model.

15. There was a lot of conjecture in 2018 over Stormy Daniel potential housemate status on Celebrity Big Brother 22 in the UK.

16. Stormy Daniels said that the producers rejected her offer to come on the show for the live debut to explain her absence.

17. Stormy Daniels said that the allegations finally tipped the scales and that they were the reason behind the Republican National Committee sponsorship of fundraisers at a lesbian bondage themed nightclub” in Los Angeles.

18. Stormy Daniels said that should she get elected she would probably leave the adult industry after doing a number of listening tours throughout Louisiana discussing the health of the economy women in business and child protection.

19. From 2007 to 2009 Stormy Daniels was wed to Michael Mosny.

Stormy Daniels Pic

20. Stormy Daniels was taken into custody in July 2009 on an allegation of domestic abuse brought by Mosny.

21. Stormy Daniels has always loved horses she has six of her own and has won numerous blue ribbons in equestrian competitions.

22. Stormy Daniels launched a lawsuit against Trump on March 6 2018.

23. Stormy Daniels claimed that because Trump had never physically signed the non disclosure agreement it was null and void regarding the alleged affair.

24. The injunction was meant to be kept private and was deemed fraudulent by Stormy Daniels’s attorneys.

25. The lawsuit was dropped in October 2018 due to First Amendment violations and Stormy Daniels appeal was denied in August 2020.

26. Following the dismissal of her libel case against Trump Stormy Daniels was forced to pay $293000 of Trump legal bills. She was also ordered to pay an extra $245,000.

27. Stormy Daniels was sentenced to pay an additional $120000 after losing her appeal in 2023 to have the amount for Trump’s costs reduced.

28. As a result of the defamation lawsuit Stormy Daniels was ordered to pay Trump legal team more than $600 000 in total but as of 2022 she promised not to pay.

29. During a sting operation undercover vice detectives in Columbus Ohio arrested Stormy Daniels on July 12 2018.

30. Stormy Daniels hired Columbus defense attorney Chase Mallory who collaborated with the prosecution to have the charges dropped in less than 12 hours arguing that entertainers from out of town were exempt from the legislation.

Stormy Daniels Pics

31. The federal lawsuit was settled in September 2019 with $450 000 going to Stormy Daniels as payment.

FAQ about Stormy Daniels

What is Stormy Daniels real name?

Stephanie Clifford is the true name of Stormy Daniels. 

Does Stormy Daniels have children?

 It’s true that Stormy Daniels is a parent.

How old is Stormy Daniel?

As of December 10, 2023, Stormy Daniels will be 44 years old, having been born on March 17, 1979.

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