Jaya Kishori's Katha Fees Exposed!

Renowned spiritual orator Jaya Kishori's Katha fees have long been a subject of curiosity among her followers and enthusiasts.

Delving into the world of spiritual discourse, Jaya Kishori's Katha fees are finally revealed, shedding light on the financial aspect of her divine teachings.

From the fervent halls of Katha sessions to the inquiries of her devotees, the veil over Jaya Kishori's fees is lifted.

Jaya Kishori's fee for Katha Pravachan is Rs 9.5 lakh.

She accepts an advance payment of Rs 4,25,000, with the remainder due after the Katha Pravachan.

She is one of the most renowned motivational speakers in India. Kishori's fame extends not only across India but also worldwide.